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Jewellery Care Guides

Different Types of Silver used in Jewellery

What are the different types of silver used in jewellery?. We have the answers to the most common questions we have been asked about silver. Find out about 900 silver, 830 silver , Mexican silver, Brittania silver , fine silver and more in our comprehensive guide to silver.

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The Complete Guide to Amethyst

  All about the Amethyst Gemstone    Amethyst is known to be a purple variety of the mineral quartz and is often used to make beautiful amethyst jewellery including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The name amethyst  comes from the Ancient Greek where it meant “not intoxicated”. This stemmed from the belief that the stone would protect the ..

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Enamel Use in Jewellery

  ENAMEL USE IN JEWELLERY DESIGN Enamelling is an old technique in which powdered clear glass, or powdered colour glass that has been mixed with pigments, is applied to a metal object and then fired .The powder then melts, flows, and hardens to a durable, smooth vitreous coating which is in essence a layer of pure pigment on a surface. In jewellery this techn..

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About Moonstone

The ancient Romans believed  that moonstone, with its unearthly and  delicate shimmer, was formed from frozen moonlight. This alluring gem variety does shine with a  lunar light but it is the mineral feldspar, that creates the moonstone shimmer. The shimmer, which is called  adularescence or schiller, is due to the intermix of two different ..

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