Vintage Brooches and Pins

We have sparkling vintage brooches and pins for sale from Art Deco 1920’s and 30's style brooches , 40's and 50's brooches, though the boho styles of the 1960’s and 70’s to the more modern styles of the 80’s brooches. We have a selection of old gold and silver brooches, bar brooches, enamel, gemstone ,pearl,  crystal, and flower spray costume brooches from which to choose. If you like sparkling crystal rhinestone brooches, butterfly and animal brooches, or designer brooches from brands such as  Trifari, Mizpah, Krementz, and Coro, we hope you enjoy browsing our collection. 
Sterling Silver Butterfly Design Brooch

Sterling Silver Filigree Butterfly Brooch


Detailed sterling silver  butterfly brooch with intricate silver filigree design. The wings an.....

Sterling silver tulip brooch

Sterling Silver Tulip Brooch


Stylish vintage sterling silver tulip brooch The rear of the brooch has a pin and rollove.....

Swarovski Savvy Diamante Crystal Cat Brooch

Swarovski Savvy Cat Crystal Brooch


Sparkling and unused Swarovski Savvy cat brooch. The cat has numerous clear diamante crystals to th.....

Trifari Goldtone Butterfly Brooch Uk

Trifari Goldtone Butterfly Brooch


Lovely Trifari goldtone butterfly brooch with openwork goldtone deailing. The rear of the brooch ha.....

Tulip Bouquet Brooch by Ecco Ecco Vintage Tulip Bouquet Brooch

Tulip Bouquet Brooch by Ecco


This  delicate 1940's vintage tulip bouquet brooch by Ecco consist of 3 beautifully detailed tu.....

Vera Dorothy Corstorphine Garnet Brooch

Vera Dorothy Corstorphine Silver and Garnet Brooch


This is a very rare and beautiful quality sterling silver and garnet gemstone brooch by Vera Dorothy.....

Vintage Trifari Modernist Brooch Vintage Trifari Modernist Brooch

Vintage Trifari Modernist Brooch


This is a stunning Trifari  vintage modernist brooch. It has a slightly abstract  mo.....

Violet Flower Costume Brooch

Violet Flower Costume Brooch


This lovely vintage flower brooch would be a perfect addition to your coat's lapel. Its has d.....

Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Heart Brooch or Pendant

Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Heart Brooch or Pendant


Beautiful authentic Yves Saint La.....

G I F T  B O X E S
All our brooches will arrive beautifully packaged in our Modern Vintage Style gift boxes. Free postage for orders over £45

From large and flashy rhinestone  brooches through to dainty enamel animal brooches we are constantly updating our brooches selection. We source these  items from trips to various antique auctions, fairs and private collections from all over Britain where we select only the best quality brooches.

Further information on vintage brooches and pins can be found in our Blog Article:
Dating Brooches by Type of Clasp or Fastening and Collecting Brooches and Pins


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