Vintage Corocraft Brooch


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Corocraft Gold Tone Brooch

This is a lovely vintage Corocraft brooch with entertwining sections. It has a gold tone finish with a rollover C clasp
and the Corocraft signature on the rear. It is quite a large brooch and measures 5.5cm long x 4.2 cm wide at the widest part.

It is in good condition and  dates aproximately from the 1950's. 

The Coro jewellery company began producing jewellery in 1901 with Corocraft being one of several brand names under which they did business.
The company were famous for several of their products including the Coro Duettes and Coro Crown Pins amongst others, until the company went out of business in 1979.

Condition: Good
Metal: Gold Tone
Size:5.5cm long x 4.2cm wide
Era: 1950's



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