Lariat Gallery

12/04/2017 35 0 0
Beautiful lariat necklaces  in gold vermeil and sterling silver from Modern Vintage Style..

amethyst art deco silver lariat necklace clear crystal art deco silver rlariat necklace rose quartz and sterling silver lariat necklace
Amethyst                                      Crystal Quartz                             Rose Quartz
Citrine and sterling silver lariat necklace  Sterling silver flat teardrop lariat necklace
Citrine and crystal                         Delicate silver heart                     Flat Teardrop
/amethyst, pearl, and silver lariat necklace  crystal and sterling silve teardrop lariat necklace
Pearl and amethyst                      Amethyst and crystal                  Crystal and Silver teardrop
pearl, crystal, and gold lariat necklace rose quartz and sterling silver lariat Y necklace
Pearl and gold vermeil                Rose quartz and crystal