What are Double Clips in Jewellery?

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The idea for the clip pin apparently
came to Louis Cartier, the french
jeweller while watching a peasant
women hanging up her washing with
wooden clothes pegs. This then evolved into
a variet of clip types inlcuding the double 
clip - this was two fur clips that could be
worn seperately or worn together attached
to a frame.

Coro and the Duette clip

Cartier patented this idea  in 1927 and it
soon became very popular across Europe
and America due to its versatility.
The most successful example was Coro's "'Duette" which was
patented by the American company in 1931.

Diamond and Faux Diamond Double Clips

By the end of the twenties, it was the fashion to  own a pair
or diamond or faux diamond double clips.They were clipped
not just hats onto but onto other clothing items, even the small
of the back, where they were used to keep under garments
out of site.

Celebrity Endorsement

Other celebrities at the time were also known to sport the double
clip. Mrs Cole-Porter  had a Cartier "tutti-frutti" double clip made
for her in 1935, while Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth 2nd)
was gifted Ccartier aquamarine and diamond clips by her parents. 
The double clip remained in fashion until the 1950's, evolving in style
from Art Deco in the 1920's to  more sculptural naturalistic forms.

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