Costume Earrings

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Costume Earrings  -an Affordable Way to start Buying Vintage

Costume earrings can be eye catching and vintage earrings are often the classic shiny addition to an outfit. Some were designed with matching  necklaces or pins, while others were designed to stand out as a special addition to an outfit. Either way, because of their delicate size, earrings are often one of the most affordable ways to start a collection of vintage costume jewellery.

Vintage Designer earrings - Crystal , Pearl and Gemstone Earrings by Miriam Haskell and Eisenberg

One costume jeweller who excelled at earrings that augmented the looks of her famous necklaces was Miriam Haskell. Many of her earrings  had luxurious, rich floral designs. Her crystal earrings, gilt, and pearl earrings are considered her signature pieces. Eisenberg and Sons also produced sterling silver gemstone earrings set with a particular type of quartz called citrine, -Eisenberg called this “Topaz quartz.”

Juliana Clip On Earrings

The particular hardware on vintage Juliana costume earrings helps collectors determine real pieces from fakes. Most Juliana earrings designs had clip backs; screw backs are rare, so choose carefully when buying. Juliana earrings were arranged in cascades, clusters or clumps with dangling swings jewels. Some pieces were designed with natural forms such as leaves on a branch, crystals, and flowers while others resembled birds, shooting stars, or snowflakes

Although Coro's Vendome and Corocraft lines were known for their Jelly Belly pins, many of these were sold with matching earrings. One pair had delicate white and blue  Lucite petals on top of green Lucite leaves.

Types of Vintage Designs - Oval Earrings, Pearl and Stone Cluster Earrings, Hoops and Pendant Drop Earrings

Most costume jewellery earrings, regardless of the manufacturer conformed to a relatively small number of major designs. There were the classic oval earrings, whose faux stones were surrounded by gilt metal or rings of dainty set crystals. Cluster earrings grouped  faux pearls and stones in tight knots, hoops gave designers circular backgrounds to decorate, and pendant earrings added movement to a ladies outfit.

Crystal Earrings and Cameo Earrings                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Crystal earrings were particularly popular. Some of these earrings resembled small chandeliers, others were embellished with silver charm details, similar to charm bracelets. There were even Victorian stye cameo earrings with detailed brass filigree surrounds, as well as more simple round faux pearl earrings, which had a more obvious modern look. For examples of beautiful vintage earrings have a look at our vintage costume jewellery section.

Christian Dior pink Jasper Vintage Earrings       Photo to Right: Christian Dior Pink Jasper Earrings