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If you love fine jewellery with a simple classic touch the station necklace is a great addition to your jewellery collection. Our guide below covers all you need to know about station necklaces.


Station necklaces are quite delicate chain necklaces that are adorned with either diamonds, gemstones, pearls, or silver and gold beads at various points (or “stations”) along the chain.The pattern of the gems is usually evenly spaced along the chain. They come in a variety of lengths and styles and are an easy to wear, simple, and elegant addition to an outfit.

Moonstone silver station necklace     Long multi gem station necklace    

L to R: Moonstone and silver station necklace, long multi gemstone gold station necklace and gold bead station necklace


The first station necklaces appeared in 1974. They were designed by Elsa Peretti a well known  designer at Tiffany and Co  and were termed “Diamonds  by The Yard”. The Elsa Peretti station necklace featured small diamond stations set along a chain and they proved to be a very popular design. The station necklace has been in and out of fashion since then. In 1996 the actress Renee Russo wore a pearl station  necklace in the romantic comedy Tin Cup. The pearls were set along knotted silk cord. This pearl type saw a revival in interest in the station necklace for a few years.

          clear quartz gold station necklace      long silver bead station necklace 

L to R: Elsa Peretti Tiffany and Co, Diamonds by The Yard Necklace, clear quartz and gold station necklace, and silver bead station necklace

In 2008 the station necklace became popular again with the the trend for layering necklaces. The delicate station necklace could be used as a layer with other longer necklaces. In recent times the station necklace has been back in fashion , the easy  wear ability of the necklace, proving popular with buyers. The use of  different  types of  material for the chain and the stations such as pearls, metal beads, or gemstones  necklace means that it is always in  demand.


Station necklaces can be quite fine and delicate , so to ensure it stands out here are a few tips as to how you can wear your station.

Choose the correct neckline: You want to provide a proper background for your station necklace so a high necklace is best for this

Wear the necklace against a dark colour background: Fine necklaces can be difficult to see, so to really make the detail stand out, whether it is pearls, gemstones or beads, wear darker coloured tops or dresses  as a good background for your the necklace and and any gemstones will really stand out.

Layer up: Short station necklaces work well as a layer with a longer pendant type necklace. The longer chain can help bring focus to the delicate charm of the station necklace


The beauty of station necklaces is their simple elegance. From day to night, their classic style means they can be worn almost anywhere.  For further examples of beautiful station necklaces click here


The Alhambra collection by renowned French firm Van Cleef and Arpels features an iconic station necklace design which has been around since the 1960’s. The necklaces in the collection feature clover type motifs taking inspiration from the architecture of the Alhambra Palace in Space. The collection has been a favourite of many  stars over the years including Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. The Alahmbra necklaces come in several sizes and colours. 

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