Aquamarine at Modern Vintage Style

16/10/2016 29 0 0

We use lots of different gemstone to make our gemstone earrings, and necklaces at Modern Vintage Style, however one of our particular favourites , and one that never goes out of style is aquamarine. The different colour varieties of aquamarine from green to light blue to stronger blue shades enable us to make different styles  of aquamarine necklacespendants, bracelets and earrings.

Its also a colour that goes well with different types of outfits so aquamarine jewellery is generally very wearable. Below is some of our favourIte
aquamarine jewellery from Modern Vintage Style UK.

Below is a a green aquamarine necklace and aquamarine earrings from Modern Vintage Style


Above aquamarine vintage costume  necklace  and  aquamarine pendant from Modern Vintage Style.