Christian Dior Gems

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Christian Dior was probably the most influential designer of the 1950’s, becoming a big name in the world of fashion with his  “New Look”. Towards the later years of the 1940's he accessorised his fashion line with glamorous and opulent Dior jewellery such as his asymmetrical crystal necklaces, animal pins, and flower tremblers which were specially commissioned for each collection.

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Dior created pieces of jewellery as an important part of his collections, using the jewellery to enhance his fashion lines. At first he created jewellery for specific clients such as Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe or for particular outfits, however from 1948 onwards designs were made as part of each fashion collection. Items of jewellery were soon being produced under license for Christian Dior and were being sold in exclusive boutiques, a practice which the House of Dior continued with after the designer’s death.

Dior  Quality Costume Jewellery

Christian Dior was absolutely insistent that the quality of the costume jewellery produced matched and reflected the standard of the couture. Only the very best designers and most reputable firms were used including Mitchel Maer in England, Henry Schreiner and Kramer in the United States and Henkel and Grosse in Germany.  In France Josette Gripoix and Robert Goosens  also worked for Dior, with Goosens also having worked for Chanel.

Dior’s jewellery  took much inspiration from eras past and historical styles, however the designs were given a more modern style through the use of unusual stones and pastes, particularly selected for their bright colours and forms  which resulted in visually challenging and stunning pieces.

Dior was responsible for the creation of the  sparkling multi coloured “aurora borealis”  type of rhinestones created with Swarovski in 1955, which were widely used in his jewellery designs. Floral motifs and forms were another signature part of his work showing his love of the countryside and gardens. Dior was a particular admirer of Lily of the Valley and a least one model in every show would be wearing a corsage of his favourite flower.  Other jewellery forms such as unicorns, circus animals, and fish were made and are most sought after and collectable today. Early Dior jewellery pieces were always signed and dated.
Vintage Dior Jewellery Designers

Dior was a major force in the fashion world of the 1950’s. He attracted clients including the elite of Europe and North America. He designed outfits and jewellery for Hollywood Goddesses, and The Duchess of Windsor, employing only the most talented designers such as Pierre Cardin. Dior died of a heart attack in 1957 and at this time his financial backer who was Marcel Boussac appointed his talented 21 year old protégée Yves Saint Laurent to be the Dior chief designer. Around 1960 Yves Saint Laurent was replaced by Marc Bohan, followed by  GianFranco Ferre in 1989 and then John Galliano in 1996. The house of Dior remains a top global design brand today with vintage jewellery pieces in particular being much sought after and admired.

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