Types of Earrings

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Here we have a explanation of some of the commons terms used when describing different types of earrings. You will see these terms come up  in the description of our gemstone earrings and vintage earrings.

  • Ball  : Earrings that are ball-shaped.  Sizes and composition may vary.

  • Bar:  These are stationary, rectangular earrings that may or may not drop below the end of the earlobes (i.e. they not move like dangle earrings).  Length will vary.

  • Button: Small earrings that do not dangle are often referred to as button earrings. This phrase can also refer to the shape of the main design,  stone, or pearl  being round and somewhat flat 

  • Chandelier:  This is an earring that dangles that hangs from the postand gives the impression of a chandelier drop

  • Clip-on Earrings: These earrings are for non pierced ears. The earrings are attached to the earlobe by way of a hinged clip on the rear of the earring.

  • Cluster: Cluster earrings are usually quite decorative earrings composed of gemstones and/or glass, beads, and metal, arranged together in a cluster.

  • Creole or Shrimp: A hoop earring with an  oval-to-round shape that is wider at the bottom than at the top. This type has been popular since the 1850's.

    Drop or Dangle Earrings : These are earrings that  dangle below the earlobe. They are usually suspended by a chain or wire from the post.

  • Ear Pin (also Ear Trim) This is a curved piece of ear jewelllery with a wire clip on the back that can be worn on both non-pierced and pierced ears.  For pierced ears, the wire at the back is inserted through the  ear lobe and the piece is rotated upwards to rest in the helix of the ear, with the wire clip behind the earlobe  holding the pin against the ear.  For non-pierced ears, the rear wire slides onto the rear of the earlobe, holding the pin against the ear. With the non pierced design the pin could easily be lost

  • Hinged: These are earrings that spread apart at a hinge at the bottom and then and snap into place with a snap closure.

  • Hoop: These are metal tube earrings in the shape of a circle--Sometimes charms or beads may be hung from the hoop. Half-circle hoop earrings are the C shaped half version of the full hoop.

  • Hooplet or Earring Charm: This is a a small  decoration with a central hole or small hoop allowing it to hang from a hoop earring.

  • Huggie: This is usually a hinged  earring for a pierced ear . Normally the setting closely "hugs" the earlobe, therfore hiding the earring post. Tthe wearer's earlobe size will determine how small the diameter of the earring can be in order for it to fit around the earlobe.

  • J-Hoop:  This is a hoop earring in which the hoop is stretchedinto a "J" shape rather than a typiccal circular shape.
    Stud or Post: This is a simple design for a pierced ear usually comprising a single stone or metal shape. This is held to the ear by a single wire post fitting and fixed with a push-on clip at the rear of the earlobe. These are often used for diamond, gemstone stud, and pearl stud earrings

  • Threaders: A long, thin metal chain  "threads" through the pierced ear, therefore holding the earring in place.  Threader earrings are usually very long drop earrings, sometimes with more than one strand that are held in place by threaders.