Marcel Boucher Jewellery

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Marcel Boucher

Marcel Boucher was born in 1898.
He was a French jewellery
designer who produced some
of the most flamboyant work
in the 1940's. He trained at Cartier
in Paris before moving to New York
int he 1920's. In 1937 he set up
his own business, Marcel Boucher
et Cie. His business partner Arthur
Halberstadt worked as the front
of house  person in the shop, while
Boucher designed the jewellery.

The Cartier Influence

The influence of Cartier can be seen in the firm's designs of Rococo bows
and swags, however the traditional French style has been exaggerated to
obtain a more flamboyant effect. 

Naturalistic Brooches, Flowers, and Feather Sprays

The company also made more naturalistic brooches in the shape of flower
sprays, feathers, and fruit.  One of Bouchers trademark and very collectible
designs were the exotic birds of paradise which anticipated the luxury of
1950's fashion. 

Birds of Paradise and Moving Part Jewellery

The birds were beautifully made with every feather engraved in gold
tone metal . Tail and breast feathers were pave set with diamonds and
set on branches filled with leaves and flowers.  Boucher also designed
mechanical jewellery with moving parts, such as a pelican brooch whose
mouth opened to receive a fish and the Night and Day flower series where
the petal could furl and unfurl as if moving their heads to the sun.


Sandra Boucher

After the death of  Boucher in 1965, the company was led by his wife Sandra
who was a talented designer in her own right. She also designed for Harry
Winston and Tiffany