Definition of Jewellery Terms D - F

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Definition of Jewellery Terms D - F

What is Damascene, Double Clip, and Enamel etc?
Here is a short guide to common jewellery terms (D to F)

Damascene :

 The process of applying silver or gold onto iron or steel to produce intricate patterns. Damascene jewellery often comes from Japan or Spain.


An ornamented band, often set with gemstones worn around the brow. More recent examples were made in the Art Nouveau style.



A diamond substitute made from rock crystal, acrylic or glass.

Double Clip: 

This is a pair of clips that can be worn separately or clipped together as one. These are also called a "Duette".


Method of finishing a metal in which an electric current puts a layer of metal on another alloy.

Emerald Cut:

Usually but not always an emerald this is a stepped normally rectangular shaped gemstone with cropped corners.


A glass like decorative surface produced by fusing powdered coloured  glass "paste" to metal (usually copper, bronze, or gold).

En Tremblant:

Used to describe jewellery with spring mounted parts that trembles as the wearer moves.


Small flat cut surfaces that give a sparkling effect on transparent stones. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are nearly always faceted.