The Bauhaus and Naum Slutzky Jewellery
The Influence of the Bauhaus   At the  Bauhaus a German design school in existence from 1919 onwards, the application of modernist principles to smaller scale design took place. Under the management of it director Walter Gropius it's stong influence on the art and design world continued even after the school was shut by the Nazi's in 1933. The Bauhaus ethos of "form follows function" was applied to all products that emanated from this infuential school of avant gard students and teachers. Ergonomic Lines   Bauhaus design required to have a ..
Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube Jewellery
Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube   Born in 1927 Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube studied at the National College of Craft and Design in Stockholm, before opening her studio there in 1951.During a trip to Paris in 1956, she was interested by the early artifacts on display at the Musee de L'Homme and then designed jewellery with Egyptian amulets.  Torun decided to remain and  work in France. She married an African-American painter Walter Coleman, and though him became friends with the expatriate Black community. She designed rutilated quartz silver necklaces and ..
What are Double Clips in Jewellery?
  Cartier The idea for the clip pin apparently came to Louis Cartier, the french jeweller while watching a peasant women hanging up her washing with wooden clothes pegs. This then evolved into a variet of clip types inlcuding the double  clip - this was two fur clips that could be worn seperately or worn together attached to a frame. Coro and the Duette clip Cartier patented this idea  in 1927 and it soon became very popular across Europe .and America due to its versatility. The most successful example was Coro's "'Duette" which was patented by the ..
Kupittaan Kulta Jewellery
Elis Kauppi One of the most important figures in Finish jewellery design Elis Kauppi’s vision of a new jewellery style inspired a generation of designers and launched Finland onto the international jewellery design scene. In 1945, in Turku, Finland at the age of 24 , Kauppi started his renowned jewellery workshop named Kupittaan Kulta. He was part of a young group of makers which would forever change the face of jewellery design. Kauppi's drive to innovate originated from the difficult circumstances of the war and a desire to break out of the  usual standar..
Wiwen Nilsson and Swedish Silver Jewellery Design
Sweden and Traditionalist Design Conservative tastes prevailed in Sweden in the first two decades of the 20th century. Innovation was not welcomed. Georg Jensen was admired but from a distance. The Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences from Europe were not explored until Wiwen Nilsson came onto the scene. The traditionalist design ethos in Sweden was evident at the Paris Expo in 1900, however by 1925 and the time of the Arts Decoratifs Expo the beginning of modern silver design in Sweden was evident Wiwen Nilsson Wiwen  Nilsson was the catalyst for modern silver desi..
What is Peridot
WHAT IS  PERIDOT? Peridot only comes in greens, from pale yellow green, through intense bottle green to vibrant apple green. The best material  comes from Pakistan near to the Afghan border. The large fine deposit of peridot found there have a beautiful deep colour and sell for high prices. Peridot is termed an idiochromatic gemstone. This means that the colour comes from the chemical composition of the stone and not from impurities within which normally provide gemstone colour STRUCTURE OF PERIDOT Peridot is generally transparent but can contain a wide..
Types of Beryl
TYPES OF BERYL The beryl species has a great mix of gemstones which are all viewed as precious gems. They include the following: EMERALD - The colour of emerald varies  according to its source and location in the world.The most prized colour is a strong slightly blueish - green.Colombian emeralds are pure green with a slight hint of blue.They are dichroic which means that the colour will vary depending on the position from which you look at it. Brazilian emeralds are slightly lighter in colour and contain more yellow than Columbian stones. They sometimes..
Types of Chalcedony
TYPES OF CHALCEDONY BLUE CHALCEDONY - This is a very attractive  stone with different hues ranging from lilac to periwinkle blue to lavender. The great increase in the popularity of blue chalcedony over  recent years has pushed its price up and good quality strong blue material can be  moderately expensive. CARNELIAN - Carnelian has been a popular stone for many years. The colours range from a pure and strong intense orange-red, to softer orange-browns and reds. Top quality material is semi - transparent with a strong colour that appears to glow. The col..
What is Tourmaline?
WHAT IS TOURMALINE? Tourmaline was first introduced to the Western world when the Dutch beganto import tourmalines from Sri Lanka.It appeals to jewellery designers due to it's versatility and different colours which include pastels, intense neons,and unique bi - and tri-colours.The demand for the most sought after coloursmeans that the price for these colours has almost tripled in recent years. STRUCTURE OF TOURMALINE Members of the tourmaline family have the same crystal structure, however, depending on what impurities they contain, different colours ..
Types of Tourmaline
TYPES OF TOURMALINE INDICOLITE - Indicolite covers all shades of blue tourmaline from blue- green turquoise colours to the strong blue of a sapphire. A lot of blue tourmaline is dark and inky. This is not popular with buyers so as a result much of blue tourmaine is heated to lighten it. RUBELITE - Rubelite is one of the most valuable and desired in the toumaline family. The translation of rubelite is "red" and real rubelite shoud be a hot pink to red colour with a blue to violet tone. There should be no yellow or brown tones. The value of rubelite has increased ..
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