Moonstone Superstitions and What to Look for in a Moonstone


Moonstone Superstitions 


Moonstones are in a particular class by themselves when it comes to lots of superstitious theories. Moonstone is the opalescent form of the mineral feldspar has been associated with good luck for courting couples, a guard against epileptic fits, a catalyst for really bountiful crops when hung in farmers fruit orchards, and even as a predictor of the future. To  facilitate this useful future predicting ability, you would just require to hold a small piece of moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, although the time  required for the clairvoyance aspect to manifest itself is generally not determined.

Above  - Moonstone necklaces at Modern Vintage Style

What to look for in a Moonstone
Unlike other gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires moonstones are usually not artificially enhanced to improve their value and colour. Moonstones come by their features honestly. What you should look for in a moonstone is something called "schiller," which is basically the moonstone's lustre when polished. Schiller results from the light bouncing off the moonstone’s thin layers of albite (which produce blue hues) and thicker layers of orthoclase feldspar (which provide the white, pearly, moon-like glow).

To enhance the schiller in a specific bit of moonstone, the mineral is generally formed into a round shaped cabochon, worn in a pendant or ring, in which each layer of the stone runs parallel to the flat base of the cabochon. However, that said, moonstones with imperfections, or inclusions inside the stone are also prized since they can provide dazzling cat’s-eye effects.

Less frequently, moonstones are specially carved into cameos (their hardness of about  6 on the Mohs scale allows this in comparison, diamonds are at the top of the scale with a10). Because moonstones are of hard enough quality tp facet .  they are sometimes are cut into cushion shapes, however the stone can be brittle, so cut moonstones are usually



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