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What is Scapolite
WHAT IS  SCAPOLITE? Scapolite is fairly unknown to jewellery makers,  despite it having good design  potential. It can be used as a transparent faceted stone or as a transulcent cabochon and is becoming more widely available. SCAPOLITE DERIVED FROM GREEK FOR  "ROD" OR "STONE" The name scapolite derives from the Greek words for "stone" and "rod" which in simple terms describes the shape of the scapolite crystals. Scapolite is also called "wernerite", named after the German geologist A.G.Werner. SOURCES OF SCAPOLITE Scapolite can be found in Brazil..
Hans Hansen Jewellery
Hans Hansen - Denmark   Hans Hansen (1884-1940),was the founder of the Hans Hansen  firm which became known for superb Scandinavian modernist jewellery design. He was born in 1884, and started his workshop in 1906 on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. He made mostly holloware until he was succesful enough to take a chance with starting a line of jewellery. Karl Gustav - Jewellery Design  In 1932 he asked his son Karl Gustav (1914 - 2002 ) who was an apprenctice in  his workshop to design a line for him called "Future". Karl designed..
Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen Jewellery
Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen   Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen (born in 1928) studied at the Danish College of Jewellery and Silversmithing which produced all the major artists in  Denmark. He was one of the first graduates from the college in 1953. After he left college he was hired by  Hans Hansen  where he took over the jewellery design department from Karl Gustav in 1953. He designed smooth silver "boomerang" type bracelets and earrings and "atomic" jewellery with enamel for Hans Hansen in the fifties.    L to Right -&nbs..
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