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The Ultimate Guide to European Costume Jewellery Brands
  Interested in collecting vintage and antique jewellery? Check out our illustrated guide to the top European costume jewellery brands to look out for..   1) CHRISTIAN DIOR   Christian Dior  was a very prominent and influential designer of the 1950's. His fashion designs were accessorised with opulent feminine jewellery, including asymmetrical crystal necklaces, animal pins and tremblers specially commissioned for each collection. At first he created jewellery for specific clients such as Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe, however jewellery designs wer..
The Complete Guide to Bracelet Styles
The Complete  Guide to Vintage and Antique Bracelet Styles.  Check out our illustrated
guide to help you identify the different type of bracelets.
The Complete Guide to Necklace Styles
What is a Festoon, Riviere, Sautoir, or Lavalier necklace? Check out our illustrated guide to help you identify the different types of necklaces.   1) LAVALIER NECKLACE    A lavalier is a chain type necklace that ends in one large size pendant or tassel. Sometimes there may be additional smaller pendants dangling from the main stone. In the 1600's the lavalier got its name from Louise de La Vallière , a mistress of Louis XIV who often wore them.The lavalier was popular from 1900 to 1930 as the delicacy of the lavalier was a perfect match to&nbs..
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  EARLY LIFE Georg Jensen was born in Raadvad, Denmark in 1866. The town comprised a small cluster of houses situated in lovely countryside around a knife factory north of Copenhagen, His f.. Read More
  Interested in Danish silver jewellery? Check out our illustrated guide to the top jewellery designers from Denmark   1) ANTON MICHELSEN  Anton Michelsen was born in 1809.. Read More
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