What is Rainbow Moonstone?


The scientific name for rainbow moonstone is labradorite, and depsite the name it is different from true moonstone, which is called orthoclase.

They are related however, and look similar. Both types appear to give off an internal glow, and their benefits are very similar.

Left : Rainbow moonstone cabochon showing colours
 Top - Rainbow moonstone necklaces from Modern Vintage Style Moonstone Collection

How is Rainbow Moonstone Formed?

The particular colour and appearance of this soft, semi-transparent type of moonstone is due to the way that the mineral is formed.

Two different types of feldspar mix together, and then arrange themselves in alternating layers as the mineral cools.These alternate layers scatter light, unlike the majority of stones, which either absorb light or allow light to completely pass through them. This is what create the appearance of an internal glow.

Where is Rainbow Moonstone found in the World?

Rainbow moonstone is found in different areas of the world, with particular deposits found  in Canada, India, Australia Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Russia amongst others.

Because it is a type of feldspar, and the feldspar mineral makes up 60% of the Earth’s crust, small pieces can easily be found, and larger ones are much rarer.

Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone

 Moonstone is generally associated with the Moon and is know as a very beneficial stone for women. A stone of  insight and intuition , Moonstone is thought to  help balance any aggressive tendencies in the emotional body  in both males and females. Many people find moonstone to be quite soothing and it is used to help relieve stress.

Physically, Moonstone is believed to assist conception by aiding all parts of the reproductive system, and moonstone is known for its power to balance  menstrual and hormonal cycles. It also aides the digestive system, including the liver, and can help in the absorption of essential  mineral and vitamins



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