How much does Moonstone Cost?

How much does Moonstone Cost?  

Moonstone has been highly prized for many years 
especially by royalty. Currently, its popularity
is probably highest in Scandinavia and the
Germany, where it is preferred
over alexandrite and pearl as the birthstone for 
June. It's typical phenomenal
effect called adularescence, is named after a
mining site at Mount. Adular in Switzerland.
(Moonstone is also sometimes termed  “adularia”).

Adularescence is created by the diffraction
of light as it hits thin, alternating layers of
albite and orthoclase inside  the gem. Oftenmoonstones are cabbed with quite
high domes to accentuate the adularescence. Moonstone with strong displays
often reveal cat’s eyes when cut in this way. Asterism is quite rare in moonstone.
When it does occur, the star is generally four legged.

When buying moonstones the variations in cost may be confusing and range from
a few pennies for opaque white stones to hundreds of pounds for large clean blue,
rainbow or green varieties

Stones with a white or colourless adularescence are abundant and not expensive
The colorful orange, yellow, brown,  and creamy Indian moonstones are also popular
for their attractive and lively colours as well as affordable price far below the
cost of the blue stones.

Blue Moonstones are generally never clean and even stones above 2 carats in weight
begin to command prices above 75 pounds per stone .The stonger the colour,
and the bigger and more transparent the stone, the higher the price.

The most valuable moonstones are the rainbow stones or those that
are colourless and transparent but still possess a good bluish sheen.
Since bluish moonstones of good colour and transparency have become
more rare, their prices have risen sharply in value over  recent years.
Generally the more transparent and the more blue the sheen  the
higher the price.




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