Different Types and Colours of Moonstone


Moonstone is the opalescent variety of orthoclase. Traditionally thought to be a good luck stone and linked to romantic passion, it was often offered as a gift between lovers. Moonstone can be transparent with a stong blue hue on the surface, or it can be milky with the appearance of inner light . It can have a striking cats eye or star effect.The hue is the result of the light reflecting off alternating layers of albite and orthoclase feldspar. The thin albite layers produce the desirable blue tone and the thick orthoclase layers create the white hue or "schiller". Moonstone comes in a variety of colours and can possess many different qualities.

Below - Moonstone jewellery from Modern Vintage Style

Above - blue moonstone pendant and vintage moonstone bracelet

Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone is transparent and crystal clear with a floating blue tone on the surface.The most desirable stones have the most intense blue colour. The largest and best stones have traditionally come from Myanmar(Burma), however it has become much harder to find good stones and therefore the price has increased. Blue moonstone is sometimes faceted,however care needs to be taken when working with it, as the material can be brittle and break under pressure.

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow moonstone has a milky patchy appearance which comes from the white orthoclase inclusions and layers. When the stone catches the light, the reflection off the layers and inclusions produces a rainbow effect. The colour play has made this a very popular stone and it is often used in silver jewellery.

Above L TO R : Rainbow, green, and pink moonstone, orthoclase, and amazonite

Green Moonstone
Green moonstone is not as well known as rainbow or blue moonstone as it does not have the colour play, however it is still a beautiful stone. It usually has a slightly hazy or clear appearance an a pale green-yellow colour.When you look down at the stone you will see a light emanating from within, like a full moon. It is commonly cut with a high dome to accentuate this optical effect and frequently a star of light will be visible on the top of the dome.

Pink Moonstone
The term pink covers colours from honey to beige to peach, ranging from translucent to opaque. The stone should have a white sheen and is often found with a cat's eye or star effect. This type of stone is often used in rows of coloured beads.

Orthoclase is a relatively inexpensive transparent stone that is colourless or pale yellow, and can have a blue white tone or sheen. The colourless variety is called adularia, as it was found at Mount Adular in Switzerland. Orthoclase is commonly faceted as a step cut due to its fragile nature, and becasue of this it is not widely used or produced.

Amazonite is an attractive opaque stone. Due to the presence of lead it is either a blue-green, or blue and white striped colour. The colour pattern tends to be irregular even with the solid colour material. Amazonite can occur in different colours such as yellow, pink, red, and grey, however it is the blue green that is most popular and widely used.









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