Beryl Gemstones

Beryl Gemstones  

About Beryl Gemstones

One of the most glamorous
gems in the beryl species is
emerald. In addition to emerald
the species also includes aquamarine,
morganite and helidor.They are all
precious gems and are very popular
with jewellery designers.The main
feature that determines value of these
gems is the intensity of the colour

Sources of Beryl

Emerald - Best sources are found in Columbia, Zambia and Brazil. It is also
found in Australia, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, and United States.

Aquamarine - Brazil, Afghanistan, and Mozambique produce the best sky-blue
aquamarine. Dark blue types are found in Nigeria and Madagascar.

Helidor - The best material comes from Brazil and the Russian Urals. Also
found in Namibia, Madagascar, and the United States.

L to Right: Emerald, Aquamarine, and Heliodor

Morganite - Brazil and Madagascar produce fine grade material. Also found 
in Mozambique, Pakistan, Namibia, and Zimbabwe

Goshenite - Found in Brazil, Canada, Russia, and United States
Bixbite - United States

Below:  L to R: Bixbite, Goshenite,and Aquamarine and Gold Vermeil Earrings



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