Arne Johansen Denmark Sterling Silver Boomerang Necklace


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Arne Johansen Denmark Silver Boomerang Necklace

Beautiful Arne Johansen, Denmark sterling silver vintage modernist boomerang necklace.
 It comprises a series of boomerang shaped sterling silver links with smaller
eclipse shaped links in between and has a hook  type closure. It is signed
 "DENMARK AJ 925S"  on the rear. It measures 15.5 inches (39.5 cm). Weight is 38.8 grams.
 It is in very good vintage condition. A matching bracelet is available here.

Condition: Very Good
Colour/Gemstone: Silver
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size:15.5 inch chain (39.5cm)
Weight is 38.8 grams
Era: Estimated 1970's

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