About Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz can be a beautiful gemstone and is often used in jewellery.  The colours can range from pale pink to a deep peachy pink colour. Most rose quartz is quite included or cloudy and has a transulcent appearance. Clear "gemmy"material is limited and can be more expensive, especially the deeper colours. The lower grade material is more brittle and can be full of cracks and flaws.It is a good idea to be careful when buying cheaper material as cracks can open up when it is being set in jewellery or when being worn. Despite its bitterness, a great deal of rose quartz is used in
carving or beads. 
It is possible to find star rose quartzes which exhibit asterism due to rutile inclusions. If the colour and the star are good, these stones have a reasonable value.

Above - Rose Quartz jewellery from Modern Vintage Style


Have you ever wondered how crystal and stones are  formed, in particular rose quartz? Rose quartz and other crystals and stones are created when magma is pushed up towards the earth’s crust and reacts  with different minerals along the way.

When this magma starts to cools down, the different minerals and elements are bonded together to form a crystal quartz.. Rose quartz is found in various  locations in the world, but is commercially mined in in the Southern Black Hills area in South Dakota, America, as well as in countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Japan, India, Namibia, and Madagascar.

It's name comes from its delicate rose-pink color, and from the Greek word ‘hyalos’, meaning glass. Rose quartz comes in many beautiful shades of pink. Sometimes it can  almost be purple in color. Oftentimes, it can be grainy, cloudy and hazy in appearance, too.


Rose quartz is regulary called the “Love Stone.” It’s hallmark is that of unconditional love which opens the heart chakra. This means rose quartz is a stone for different type of love: self-love, platonic, family, romantic, and unconditional. Rose quartz is know to have high energy, and this strong energy can promote love in  virtually any situation.

Scientists believe that the color of the rose quartz is a result of the impurities of manganese, titanium, and iron. However the minerals in the rose quartz are definitely what give the pink shade and appearance.