Green Chalcedony and Silver Gemstone Pendant


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Green Chalcedony and Silver Gemstone Pendant

This stunning gemstone necklace has a  large milky green chalcedony gemstone pendant. The green pendant stone is faceted, and the pendant has a detailed sterling silver leaf design pendant bail , and a sterling silver figaro chain. The green pendant measures approximately 3 cm x 1 cm and the sterling silver chain length measures approximately 16 inches (41cm) long.

This stylish pendant has a simple and classic style making it suitable for both wearing on different types of occasions. All our gemstone pendants and necklaces are handcrafted with care to provide original gemstone jewellery.

Colour: Milky Green
Gemstone: Chalcedony

Metal: Sterling Silver 
Chain Length: 16 inches (41 cm)
Pendant Drop Length: 3cm x 1cm 


Chalcedony is a variety of the mineral quartz.  It often has a translucent or milky quality and occurs in different colours including  grey pink, blue, white, lavender, brown and red . Chalcedony was generally considered a scared stone by the native American Indians, and in times past  was used to heal physical illnesses. It was believed to have the unique quality of balancing the energy of the human body, mind, emotions and spirit. 



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