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We have a beautiful collection of original jewellery including vintage style jewellery, gemstone jewellery, and true vintage designer and costume jewellery. Shop for original necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and rings at Modern Vintage Style.

Our vintage style jewellery comprises original  gold and silver necklaces, pendants,bracelets and earrings. All our vintage style  jewellery is delicately handcrafted using a mixture of quality components including sterling silver, gold vermeil, vintage  and quality glass beads, swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and gemstones. Our collections including art deco style jewellery, gemstone jewellery and flower jewellery ,are an ideal place to look for a special gift. 

Our  vintage and antique collection has a carefully sourced selection of  true vintage costume and designer jewellery,  Enjoy browsing for vintage earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, brooches and pins by top brand names such as Georg Jensen, NE From, Norman Grant, Butler and Wilson, Trifari, Monet and Coro
At Modern Vintage Style our aim is to provide original and quality jewellery at affordable prices. All our jewellery is posted first class recorded delivery (with free postage for orders over £45), and will arrive beautifully presented in our Modern Vintage Style gift boxes.
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Vintage Costume Jewellery - Overview
Vintage costume jewellery - Overview
About Norman Grant Jewellery
About Norman Grant Jewellery A Scottish silver jewellery designer whose work is much prized today is Norman Grant. He was born in Forres, Scotland in 1943 and at the age of 18 started training at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. Initially he studied graphic design before later moving into silversmithing . Having lived near the coast much of his jewellery designs reflected the natural shapes and details seen in the environment. Flower motifs, trees, seaweed, fish, wave and cloud motifs featured in his work, as well as microscopic plant cell structures. In the late sixties Norman Grant beg..
               Buying Vintage Jewellery
 Modern Vintage Style Tips for Buying Vintage  Jewellery   Do you enjoy shopping for vintage jewellery to give you that individual look? Or, perhaps you have a friend who would love a vintage gift to add to their collection. Keep in mind these useful these tips  when buying vintage costume jewellery or designer jewellery., Condition is Key – Don’t take the condition of a vintage jewellery piece for granted. Have a thorough look at the item from all angles and use a jeweller’s loupe for close inspection. Keep an eye out for extreme..
 Vintage Jewellery Guide
  The Vintage Jewellery Guide   If you are interested in buying vintage jewellery, then now is a great time to look for quality pieces as the market is buoyant, and with a little bit of background research you can  find some great jewellery  to add to your collection. There are pieces  to suit every style  and taste, and the you can find a wide variety of choice in terms of  value and significance. With so many buying options available, it’s a great idea to know what to look for, and, if possible, understand a bit of the history behind each piece. ..