A B O U T  M O D E R N  V I N T A G E  S T Y L E  -  A collection of unique jewellery including true vintage costume and designer jewellery and vintage style crystal and gemstone jewellery. Shop for designer vintage from top brand names as well as handmade vintage style jewellery at Modern Vintage Style UK


D E S I G N E R  V I N T A G E  - Our vintage collection has a carefully sourced selection of  true vintage designer and  costume jewellery. Enjoy browsing for beautiful quality jewellery by top brand names such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Norman Grant, Butler and Wilson, and Trifari.

V I N T A G E  I N S P I R E D   J E W E L L E R Y  - All our  jewellery is delicately handcrafted using a mixture of quality components including sterling silver, gold vermeil, vintage and quality glass beads, swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and gemstones including aquamarine, amethyst and moonstone. Our collections  are an ideal place to look for a special gift. 
G I F T  B O X E S - At Modern Vintage Style our aim is to provide original and quality jewellery at affordable prices. All our jewellery is posted first class recorded delivery (with free postage for orders over £45), and will arrive beautifully presented in our Modern Vintage Style gift boxes.
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Definition of Jewellery Terms D - F
Definition of Jewellery Terms D - F What is Damascene, Double Clip, and Enamel etc? Here is a short guide to common jewellery terms (D to F) Damascene :  The process of applying silver or gold onto iron or steel to produce intricate patterns. Damascene jewellery often comes from Japan or Spain. Diadem: An ornamented band, often set with gemstones worn around the brow. More recent examples were made in the Art Nouveau style. Diamante: A diamond substitute made from rock crystal, acrylic or glass. ..
  Here are some of our current favourite vintage pieces at Modern Vintage Style in our vintage gems gallery..including jewellery from Dior , Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent.    YSL cabochon bracelet                 Norman Grant tree pendant            Aquamarine earrings  Grosse vintage earrings             Stunning YSL multi colour necklace       Freshwater pearl necklace All of..
Gemstone Guide Agate : Part of the chalcedony quartz group of minerals, most common light gray-blue to beige colour or red to brown layers of colour, however also available dyed green, moss, dark reds, orange and mixed colors, hardness 6.5 - 7, It is the alternative birthstone for May and September Amber : An organic fossil resin from amber pine sap, commonly yellow to red brown in color, hardness 2 - 2.5. Amethyst : Part of the quartz group of minerals, usually light to dark violet in translucent colours, with a hardness 7. I is the  modern,tradition,  a..
What is Mizpah Jewellery? Mizpah jewellery was popular during the Victorian era from the mid- to late-1800s and was generally given to a loved one during a period of long separation such as military service or travel. It was generally given as a "forget-me-not," and symbolised a bond of love between two people. Example of Mizpah Jewellery. Mizpah brooch with  bow detail The word Mizpah—comes from the Old Testament (Genesis 31:49, "And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent from one another") and can be found marked on a substantial ..

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